Payment split

Automatic splitting and commissioning rules between different participants in a sale. The ideal solution for marketplaces.

Transparent Split Solution for your sellers

You can change providers without needing to re-register the seller

Split the payments

Inform two or more sellers to split the same transaction

Payment plans

Set the rates, plans and payment terms for each seller

Follow the transfers

Track your transfers and those of your sellers on our platform

Receive automatically

Automate direct deposit into your sellers' account, without bureaucracy.

Separate transfers

Each seller can have their own pass-through rule, both in terms of deadlines and their participation in receipts.

Create your account

Shopkeeper Portal

Customize the portal according to your brand's visual identity.
Track transactions, transfers and download financial reports.
Allow the merchant himself to manage and edit his personal and bank details.

Register as you wish:

Choose the best way to register your customers:


Marketplace Solution

We have experience in setting up large-scale Marketplaces, allowing your e-commerce to expand your product inventory, all within the required regulations.

Integration with CERC

If you want to do your own Split implementation, tuna offers a consulting program to integrate with CERC, leaving your company with all BACEN regulations up to date.

Pay only for transactions that generate revenue for you.

You only pay for authorized transactions on the card or payment slip and PIX

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Optimize your online payments with a single integration

We use tokenization to protect sensitive customer data.
We have the highest level of PCI DSS security certification: Level 1
One integration, with multiple connections to optimize your online payments
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